Repair Services


We provide on site repair of most brands of audio and video equipment and portable audio gear. Please bring in your items to our front counter at 141 Damon Road in Northampton and leave them for repair evaluation. We will call, email, or write back to you with the repair estimate and our recommendation. Our hours of operation are M-F 9:00-4:00 but if you plan on coming down please call ahead to ensure we are not out on a service call. Typically the wait time for notification of the estimate is 5-7 Days, but may vary at times depending on workload. There is a minimum 'Bench Fee' of $45 and $55 for flat panel televisions. This fee is deducted from the final amount due if you approve our estimate. It is not a refundable amount if you decline our estimate.

Pick-up / Delivery


In home pickup of your equipment is also available. The charge is $135 to come to your house, disconnect your equipment, deliver equipment to our shop, then redeliver and reconnect your equipment after the repair has been completed. This will be in addition to the repair charge.

In-Home Service Calls


We also offer in home service for problems in your system resulting in improper operation of your Home Theater System, Audio System, or Television. The minimum charge is $135 to arrive at your place, diagnose the problem, attempt repair or if repair is not possible on site, then bring suspected equipment to our shop. If more than one hour is required for repair of system, our subsequent hourly rate is $75/hour. Removal of rooftop TV antennas and satellite dishes is available for the $135 on site service fee.