Free TV & Television Antennas

How does free television work?

 In order to view free television from the local network broadcasters in our area you will require an outdoor reception device known as an antenna or aerial (also known as an hdtv antenna, digital antenna, or VHF/UHF television antennas).  Our "one size fits most" solution is only $499 and includes everything, including installation.  Some locations may require a rotator, which is an additional $100.  This antenna system will pay for itself in about half a year once you discontinue paying for cable or satellite.  Each location can vary when it comes to over the air reception,  even from house to house.  We cannot guarantee reception of any particular channel but you can get a rough idea of what channels are possible by visiting and putting your address and approximate antenna height into their database by selecting "check your address for free".   This database takes into account geographical location as well as topography in your area to ascertain possible signal strength at your  location.  Channels that you see in the green and yellow will likely be received.  Channels in the red are a good possibility but not guaranteed.  


What can I receive?

This is an example of the report you will get when you look up your address at TVFool.   In this case the report is for our location on Damon Road in Northampton,  assuming an antenna height of 20 feet.  You can see that WGBY (PBS), WGGB (ABC & FOX), and WWLP (NBC &CW) are in the green and yellow.  We receive these channels without any issue.  We receive most,  but not all,  of the channels that are shown in the red.  In our case we are able to receive all of the major networks.   You can see how most of the channels are coming from the same direction in the graph to the left.  If you are in a location where the main signals you want to receive are coming from different directions you may require a rotator.     Some televisions and recording devices may receive different channels even at the same address,  depending on the quality of the tuners. 

What about recording?

There are solutions available for those who rely on a DVR in order to time shift their television viewing habits.  Obviously, your television is not going to be able to record television shows for you.  You are able to record local television broadcasts with a DVR from TIVO,  which we use and sell.   There is a small monthly subscription fee that gives you access to an electronic program guide for the channels you can receive which gives you the same information you get with the guides on cable or satellite.   TIVO boxes start at under $200 and monthly programming is only $6.99.    Learn more about the TIVO bolt  and ask us to bring one along when we install your new antenna system.    Internet access is required for a TIVO unit to download programming information.