DirecTV for Hotels & Institutions

DirecTV offers many choices for television programing in the hotel / motel and long term health care facility environments.  All of our customers enjoy saving money over the cable company's high costs.  Contact us today to see how we can help save YOU money, too!

DirecTV for Commercial Businesses

DirecTV has different tiers of programming available for restaurants and bars,   offices,  health care facilities,  gyms, retail stores, and more.  In many cases you own the equipment so there are no monthly "lease" fees included.

Residential DirecTV Service

As your only locally owned authorized independent DirecTV dealer we are able to offer any of the services or plans you see advertised.   Please bear in mind if you call their 800 number to schedule installation, you will get out of town installers.  You will only get us, your local dealer to install the services, if you call us directly.  There are no differences in monthly costs by going through your local agent.